September 11, 2014

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your FastPass+

We had a blast celebrating our two year anniversary at Disney World last week. It seems that I may have had a little too much fun, because I came home sick as a dog! I'm actually writing this post laid up in the bed with my puppy dogs, a fresh cup of hot tea and some trusty cold medicine. However, I can assure you it was {without a doubt} so worth it!

While it was fresh on my mind, I thought I'd share some tips about the FastPass+ we learned while on our trip. This was our first time at Disney using the FastPass+ and the MagicBands. {For more information on MagicBands, you can read here. For more information on FastPass+, you can read here.}

We were very pleased with the FastPass+, but had the same common complaint I've seen from pretty much everyone. You only get three advanced FastPass+ reservations per day. Quite frankly, three just isn't enough! Especially during their slow season which is when we went.

We purposely picked the weekend after Labor Day to go to Disney World. We knew it was their slow season which means shorter lines and discounted rates. Most rides we just walked up to and got straight on. However, I was very strategic in booking our FastPasses even with the shorter lines. This tip applies even more in the peak seasons!

Strategize before booking your FastPass+. Some rides have longer waits than others because they are newer {like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train} or very popular {Peter Pan's Flight}. Slow season or not, these will have a 20 minute or more wait. You only have three per day so you had better make them count!

Here's my list of recommended Magic Kingdom FastPass+ worthy rides:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Splash Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle
  • Seven Dwarf's Mine Train
  • Space Mountain

Book your FastPass+ as soon as you are able. You can book FastPass+ 60 days in advance if staying on property. Mark it on your calendar and know which selections you'll be making. Some go very fast - like FastPasses for meeting certain Disney Princesses which brings me to my next tip. 

Save a FastPass+ for any Disney Princess you'd like to meet!
Especially if it's Anna or Elsa! I cannot stress that enough. Both days we were in the Magic Kingdom, the wait for Elsa and Anna was 45 minutes minimum. Most of time, it was an hour or more. During the peak season, we heard from another family that they waited five hours to see Elsa and Anna! Holy COW!

Use your additional in-park FastPass+ after you've used all your reserved ones. While we were there, we learned that after you used all your reserved FastPasses for the day, you could book one more additional FastPass+ at one of the kiosks in the park. The additional FastPass+ is rolling which means each time you use an additional FastPass+, you can select a new one. 

Disney really didn't advertise this fact too much. In fact, we figured it out on a fluke and confirmed it with a Cast Member. 

The moral of the story? Book your cannot-miss-rides with your three advance FastPass+ reservations and utilize the kiosks at the park for the rest. 

Book your FastPass+ for after lunch. If you arrive at the park in the morning, there is not as many people yet. The parks really fill up after lunch and that's when the lines will grow. Thus, after lunch is the best time to put those FastPasses to work.  Remember, you're making them count!

Have a Disney day!


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