September 25, 2014

Coweta Artisan Giveaway Feature: Snow&Company

Happy Thursday! It's my pleasure to introduce you to Amanda of Snow&Company. She's a talented graphic designer hailing from Newnan. Though relatively new to the Etsy world, she's already marking her mark with whimsical prints and beautifully placed quotes. Amanda was kind enough to contribute one of her adorable art prints to the giveaway. Take it away, Amanda!

Hi there! My name is Amanda Snow of Snow&Company, and I am a graphic designer working from my home studio in Newnan, Georgia. I am inspired by just about everything feminine! That doesn't always mean flowers and pink (although I love them both). I love a good quote, perfectly paired with colors and design! 

People often ask me, "What do you do with a print?" That questions always baffles me. You can put it in a frame and hang it up or put it in a frame and place it on your desk, table, side table, vanity, countertop, (insert table-like surface here). I love to have a print taped to my refrigerator, and I absolutely love my washi wall. All things (prints, quotes, pictures, fonts) that inspire me, hung on a wall with washi tape. My theory is that we change every day, our homes are living and breathing places that should change with us. If a print makes me happy, it's worth the purchase.

Surprisingly, most of my prints start with custom orders. Friends, family and thankfully now that I have become more established, strangers, give me quotes they would like to see in print form and I run with it! I have quite an eclectic style, so I run my prints through the filter: Would I put this in my house? If the answer is yes, I put it up for anyone to purchase from my shop!

I graduated from Auburn University in 2012 with a degree in Public Relations. Unfortunately, the job market wasn't at it's best, so I took to freelance writing for magazines. One of the magazines needed a full-time graphic designer, so I began my journey feet to the street. Youtube and were my best friends as I learned by doing. I fell head over heels in love with images and typography. Since then, I have added a few companies to my list and have become somewhat of a freelance graphic designer.

I started my Etsy shop on Aug. 1, 2014 after longing for an outlet that was lucrative and freeing. I love working as a graphic designer, however most of the time it is in the parameters of who I am working for (as it should be). Etsy gives me the freedom to make whatever I want and have the opportunity for anyone to enjoy my work! 

I live in the loveliest (and teeniest) little house in Newnan with my husband of almost a year, Matt, our cat, Skeeter and our black lab, Cam. It's a really happy life!

Thanks Amanda! You can stalk Amanda on social media via the links below:

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