September 24, 2014

Coweta Artisan Giveaway Feature: Lemons & Cream

Happy Wednesday! It's my pleasure to introduce Rebekah of Lemons & Cream. She's a seasoned Etsy veteran hailing from Newnan, who has an eye for adorable fabric prints and a knack for knitting. Rebekah was kind enough to contribute one of her best-selling bow ties to the giveaway.  

Photo by Susan Crutchfield Photography
Hello! My name is Rebekah of Lemons & Cream, and I design and make children’s accessories and photography props. I work from my home studio in Newnan, Georgia.

The inspiration for my hand knit baby accessories comes from the world around me. I am drawn to simplicity with detail and texture, and I incorporate these elements into my designs. I have found inspiration in everything from classic films to a hot air balloon floating in the sky. My goal in making baby accessories is to provide depth and detail without overwhelming the natural delicacy of a child’s features.

Photo by Susan Crutchfield Photography
I am constantly jotting down new ideas on the backs of receipts and napkins. When inspiration strikes, I can’t rest until I have the idea down on paper. After I sketch out an idea, I work on it until it is just the way I want it. Sometimes, this means remaking the same item multiple times until it is perfect. The creative process is my favorite part of Lemons & Cream. I love the way it challenges me to find a way to make my visions a reality.

Photography by Susan Crutchfield Photography
My grandmother learned to knit during World War II when the women of her town began making knitted sweaters and scarves for the troops abroad. A few years ago, she passed this skill on to me. I found that I loved taking a skein of fiber and turning it into something soft and beautiful. As I became a more skillful knitter, I found I really enjoyed designing and hand knitting children’s accessories. At first, I just made them as gifts for friends. When people began requesting custom items, I decided to start an Etsy shop. Eventually, my product line grew to include baby ties and bow ties.

Every item I list in my shop is unique. I designed and wrote the patterns for each piece that is for sale. The fibers and fabrics that go into making my ties, bow ties and hand knit hats and blankets are carefully chosen for quality, color and pattern. Every part of the process is important to me to ensure that the end product is the highest quality version.

After I graduated from college, I fell into freelance writing. While I enjoyed this work, it didn’t offer the hands on creativity that I love. Lemons & Cream is the perfect balance of creativity and active involvement in my work.

Thanks Rebekah! You can stalk Rebekah via the social media links below!

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