April 10, 2014

/// Market Day + 400th Order Giveaway ///

First thing first - the giveaway! I surpassed my 400th Etsy order last week. However, with the madness of Market Day looming, I thought it'd be best to push back the giveaway another week. 

What's up for grabs? A pack of 5 cards from my popular "Thanks and Blessings" collection! 

All you've got to do is sign up for my monthly newsletter - the first of which went out yesterday. The monthly newsletter will be filled with all sorts of exclusive goodies like special coupon codes, giveaways not seen on the blog and/or free printables! That's reason enough to sign up, right?

Now enter that giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As for Market Day, I had such a blast! It was wonderful! Not only did I sell some items, but I also made lots of great connections with potential customers and handed out fifty million business cards. 

In all honesty, I needed last Saturday so much. Sometimes, I get what I like to refer to as Eeyore Syndrome which occurs when you start second-guessing yourself and thinking no one will like anything you create. 

After the tent came down and everything was stacked back into the car, I felt so reassured. I felt reassured in my talents. I felt reassured in my choices. I felt reassured that once I take the break-taking leap in doing this full-time that I will land safely on my feet.

I am pumped for next month and can't wait to design some more cards to sell. Bring it on May 3rd!

See ya later gator!

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