December 5, 2014

Etsy Find Friday: Apple White Handmade

In this day and age, I think many view sewing as their grandmother's hobby. So, when I stumble upon a sewer who brings the skill into modern times, I get downright giddy. Dana of Apple White Handmade nails this with her use of modern designs in fabric and style.

Her mother taught her how to sew when she was five years old. From there, her dream for owning her own creative business grew. When she faced a "now or never" moment, she jumped in. 

All Apple White Handmade items are designed, cut and sewn by Dana who is inspired by people using their natural talents. 

I think her tooth fairy pillows are my favorite item. These pillows were inspired from a drawing her daughter drew a while back. I love their design and the modern fabrics she uses to create them. Even with the modern fabrics, there's just something about them that screams vintage as well. 

What's your favorite Apple White Handmade item?

December 4, 2014

DIY Christmas Stocking Bow Tutorial

This year, my mother and sister will be at our house for Christmas. I wanted everyone who will be waking up at our house on Christmas morning to have a stocking. With five stockings on the mantel, I wanted a cute, but easy way to differentiate between them.

Originally, I had thought about getting small wooden letters, painting them and then writing the names on them. However, my Christmas budget is pretty much spent so I needed to come up with something from supplies I had on hand. Here's what I came up with:

The ribbon is actually left over from a partially used roll from our wedding. I'd been trying to use it up by using it to wrap presents. It's so wide and the finish was perfect for me to write the names on. I wouldn't advise using satin ribbon because your ink will bleed. 

What You'll Need:
2-3" wide ribbon {mine was 2.5"}
Safety Pins

Step One. Tie a bow with your ribbon, making it your preferred size. Before cutting your ribbon, be sure your two tails are long enough to write the name on. 

Step Two. Cut a small V on the tail ends. Take your sharpie and write the name on the ribbon. If you are lefty like me, proceed with caution so you don't smear the ink like I did on my first ribbon!

Step Three. Stick your safety pin through the back of the knot in the middle of your bow. Lastly, simply pin your ribbon onto your stocking.

Now then, you've just got to repeat that for how many every bows you need. The only tricky part was trying to get them to look close to the same size. After playing around a little, I think I did pretty well. In all, I made all five of these in about 30 minutes.

Happy Holidays!
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