September 17, 2014

DIY Dryer Sheet Ghosts

The official first day of fall is next week which is my absolute favorite season. I love the cooler air, getting to wear boots and pull-overs, the smell of apple cinnamon wafting through the air and going fall festivals.

Quite frankly, the best months of the year end in -BER! Not to mention the best holidays are all in these months as well in my not so humble opinion.

I've already broken out my fall decor and have started to piece together some Halloween-themed decor projects.

This past weekend I was cruising around Pinterest {surprise, surprise} and stumbled upon these little guys.

Confession time: Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday. {Probably not a surprise to any who have to withstand the annoying Christmas countdown posts I regular share on my personal Facebook page throughout the year} That said, most of my decoration budget goes to it. I have storage totes upon storage totes filled to the brim with wreaths, ornaments, tree trimmings, stocking holders, etc. 

For all the other seasons/holidays, I have one measly box each. I've been trying to slowly fill these boxes with post-holiday sales and crafty projects. When I come across a little craft project I can do with what I've got laying around the house, I'm all over it. 

In the picture I found, the hanging ghosts are made out of cheesecloth. Until I actually read through the tutorial, I thought they were dryer sheets. I didn't see a reason why they wouldn't work just as well {and they did!}. After all, I didn't have any cheesecloth on hand, but I had plenty of used dryer sheets that were willing to be recycled. 

What You'll Need
Used dryer sheets (found they work better than new ones)
Golf ball or ping pong ball
Fishing Line
Felt, Pipe Cleaner (something for the eyes)

Step One. Wrap your dryer sheet around your golf ball, twist the ends around the ball and spray generously with hairspray. Keep the twisted end pinched until your hairspray dries and gently remove the dryer sheet off of the golf ball. You should have a ghosty-looking formation now. 

Step Two. Cut some eyes for your little ghosty friend. Using your fingers to hold the ghost formation, glue the eyes onto Mr. Ghosty's head. Let the glue dry.

Step Three. Cut some of your fishing line and gently thread it through Ghosty's head. Carefully, tie it off.

Step Four. Tie them onto your chandelier or chosen hanging surface. My light happens to have hooks that the glass panes hang on. I just tied a loop on the other end of my fishing line and hung them on the glass pane hooks.

There you have. Super simple and completely free. Love it!

These dryer sheet ghosts will now have a happy home on my dining area chandelier. 

Happy creating!

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