September 23, 2014

Coweta Artisan Giveaway Feature: Baubles by eLi

Happy Tuesday! Today, it's my pleasure to introduce Sharon of Baubles by eLi. Sharon is a crazy talented jewelry designer hailing from Sharpsburg who incorporates metals and concrete into her pieces.  Her attention to detail and use of different components makes her jewelry one of a kind. Sharon was gracious enough to contribute one of her braided leather bracelets to the giveaway. Take it away, Sharon!

Hi, my name is Sharon Kopko and I am the jewelry designer and owner of Baubles by eLi. I create from my cozy home studio, in my little corner of the world located in Sharpsburg, Georgia.

I have always had a creative soul since I can remember, but I have spent most of my career in the corporate world. The left side of my brain was in charge, but my artistic nature was always present. It was just buried under a few layers of logic, regulations and order.

I would dabble here and there in my spare time making beaded jewelry for my friends and family as gifts or just for fun. Spare time was a limited commodity until recently when I decided to let the right side of my brain take over. I now create jewelry on a full time basis and am a part time consultant.

My fascination with glass guided me to venture into my first formal lampworking class in 2004. The
indescribable magic that occurs when glass and fire meet is absolutely incredible. I purchased my first torch and there was no turning back. Baubles by eLi was born to showcase my tiny pieces of glass art. I created lots and lots of small glass beads adorned with intricate designs and began selling my goods on Etsy.

The artsy bug bit me once again in 2008 when I fell in love with metal and the many forms it can take. I came to realize that hammering, forging, soldering and so forth were very therapeutic activities for me. A few metalsmith courses later, lots of research and practice had taken me to another level of jewelry design. I am a bit A-D-D when it comes to creativity and jewelry design. It is very difficult for me to choose a “niche” because I LOVE so many different mediums. I guess you could say my brand is custom jewelry designed to make you feel pretty.

I now have three torches, two kilns and LOTS of tools! Did I mention my obsession with tools? I can’t get enough of them. My husband teases me about having more tools then he does! My Christmas and special occasion lists consist of sandpaper, drills and bits, files, collets, clay, metal and so on.

Family is everything to me! My very talented, engineer husband John, has supported my endeavors in so many ways. He built all of my benches, designed a vent system for my glass station and even shared many of his tools whilst I was building my own inventory of power tools. John made the table in my studio from a repurposed door, I love it!

I am also blessed with very inspiring children, Jaimi, Alex, Emma and Sarah. Each one contributes to my creativity on an on-going basis due to their ages and various interests. They share trends and jewelry that they would like to wear. Let’s not forget the four-legged family members: two girly-girl dogs Presley and Phoebe and Teddy, a very handsome Bull Mastif weighing in at 115lbs. I have made doggie jewelry for all of them too!

I am surrounded by inspiration every day. For the most part, my designs reflect a minimalist approach, inspired by the simple things in life. Our home is embraced by the beauty of nature with three sides of our lot surrounded by woods and a creek in the front. I lean towards a rustic style with a pop of color here and there depending on the medium I am designing with. Texture, music, geometry and inspirational words are also amongst the things that make my creative juices flow.

Baubles by eLi is one of many jewelry shops out there, but my goal is to create jewelry that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel pretty. A simple piece that might bring back a memory or that goes perfectly with a favorite outfit or that oversized sweatshirt and favorite jeans. Each of my handmade designs reflects a bit of my own personality depending on the mood that I am in. Some days I am in a technical mode creating with metal and torches or down-to-earth designing leather and silver pieces and on other days I am more playful experimenting with clay and color. Hopefully with my eclectic range of designs I will reach out to a large customer base. Custom designs are also a favorite of mine to do. There’s nothing better than creating a custom piece for someone that tells a story, cherishes a memory or celebrates a special occasion. Especially when they receive it and share their thanks and praises.

Thanks Sharon! You can stalk Sharon on the social media links below:

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