January 29, 2013

Thread, needle and some luck

Bentley seems to get in almost every picture I take. That's his paw in the upper right corner. 

Well, I've done it. I've officially started working on the wedding quilt! I am not going to lie - of all my wedding projects this is probably the one I am most nervous/apprehensive about tackling. Despite my Pinterest and Google research, I haven't really found anyone else who shared how they tackled piecing together a wedding guest book quilt. I guess it really hasn't been done before. That's what I get for daring to be different. Oh well!

Not only do I have to create my own design from scratch, I have to find a way to incorporate all the different fabrics we saved. I've got fabric from the bunting, the candy buffet, the photo booth, my dress and my sash - not to mention the actual quilt squares the guests signed.

That said, wish me luck! If When I figure out how to tackle this daunting challenge, I'll share my journey through it with you to hopefully help other lost brides out there.

I'm sure some are wondering about the progress of my wedding scrapbook. I've got GREAT news. I only have two more pages to complete and then I'm done! Yay! Be looking for that post soon.

Until next time!

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