January 16, 2013

Organization Inspiration

Hi-de-ho readers!

I feel like I'm in an organizing lull. My work with PaperLark Studio has pretty much consumed my spare time. I'm definitely not complaining! I've been steadily adding new items and consistently completing orders. God is good, right?!

I think the second contributing factor to my organization lull is the fact we're starting the house hunting process. I'm no longer concentrating on how to make this two-bedroom apartment functional. Instead, I'm brainstorming ideas for our new, undetermined home.

With that, I'd like to share with you some organization inspiration that I've run across this week! Each of these posts offer some great ideas and storage solutions. So check them out by clicking on the pictures!

Bathroom Organizing Tips
The under-the-sink area in the bathroom is a major organization issue in our house right now...

I'm seriously really jealous of this craft room organization. I need to hit up the dollar store for some bins!

The tutorial for the burlap cardboard boxes is amazing! I want to try it.

See you Friday!
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