January 22, 2013

Kraft Paper, Twine and Beaches

Greetings readers!

Today, I would like to share with you a very special project I started working on and introduce you to a even more special young woman.

This is Lauryn. She is my sister-in-law. You may recognize her from my wedding series or you may know her personally. If you do know her personally, you already know how amazing (and inspiring) she is. However, if you do not know Lauryn personally, let me share with you some of her story. 

Believe it or not, literally a couple hours before the above picture was taken, she was lying in a hospital bed. Last year, Lauryn dealt almost non-stop with health issues in addition to the diabetes she's had since she was 15. She couldn't eat without doubling over in pain. She began dropping weight like crazy, because her body wasn't getting the nutrition it needed. 

After being constantly in and out of the hospital for months with doctors unable to correctly diagnose what was causing it, she went to Emory in Atlanta. I won't pretend to know what her disease is called, but basically Lauryn's pancreas does not produce the digestive enzymes needed to assist in the breakdown of nutrients during digestion. 

Today, Lauryn is on some experiment drugs to treat her disease and is responding wonderfully! Her last doctor's visit was excellent and, as a family, we could not be more relieved happy! We know God has walked beside her over the past year and has brought her to the other side. 

Throughout her trials of the past year, Lauryn always managed to find something to love about life. For Pete's sake, she checked herself out of the hospital against doctor's orders to stand at my side as my bridesmaid on my wedding day! She never let her disease stop her from living life and loving those around her. Despite her health issues, she even managed to nab the heart of a man - one who rarely left her bedside during her frequent hospital stays. 

Lauryn and Paul will be married in September of this year. Lauryn's dream of a small, romantic beach wedding is finally coming true. With her brightest days ahead of her, she's dove headfirst into planning her big day. 

So, back to the project I started off talking about. I'm beyond excited (and flattered) that Lauryn asked me to be her wedding coordinator! I was definitely having wedding withdrawals so I finally have another to feed my addiction. Seriously, I didn't sleep for three days last week because my mind was going CRAZY with ideas. Lauryn has also given me exclusive blog rights so I can't wait to share this wedding with you all. I think I could get use to wedding planning. David Tutera, I'm coming for your job! Watch ya back.

My sad attempt at packaging...
We've finished designing and printing the Save the Dates for this destination wedding. After Lauryn mails hers out, I'll be more than happy to share them with you and the story behind the design. I'll also be posting a version in my Etsy Shop!

Speaking of my Etsy Shop, I am officially offering custom printing - which means I've got to brainstorm some options for packaging. If you follow me on Pinterest, I'm apologizing in advance for the butt load of packaging repins you are about to see on your feed. Sorry!

Until next time!

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