January 11, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Bentley, it is the end of an era. You officially beheaded your beloved Eeyore! You are so confused as to why Eeyore's head no longer follows his body when you cart him off into another room. I guess I can finally be honest with myself and admit that you are spoiled rotten. Disney no longer makes the Eeyore plush you love so much which means they are VERY expensive now. Did I really just pay $20 for a stuffed donkey you'll behead in a few months? Dear husband, I'm so excited that we've started planning our one year anniversary trip. Once again, you're spoiling me rotten by letting me have free reign over the travel plans. You might want to rethink that!  Dear my precious twos, please help Mrs. Miranda not get sick again by not coughing in her face when I put you down from the changing table. Thank you, my little loves! Dear student loans, you are ridiculous. You are almost as much as my rent! I don't mind paying you off at all, but can't we find a way to where my whole paycheck doesn't go to just you? I have other bills to pay, you know. Dear mommy, I'm so glad you had a semi-easy transition back into work. Thank you for your spirited phone calls during your drive home of wonderful ideas for my business. 

Until next week!
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