January 7, 2013

The Wedding: After the I Do Projects


I keep promising an "after wedding" special. However, my scrapbook is taking me longer than I originally thought. My need for it be to FLAWLESS is getting in the way! However, I have completed two post-wedding projects I will share with you today.

First is my wall display. I collected a few precious wedding mementos to display in my shadow boxes along with my two favorite bridal party pictures.

In one shadow box, you'll find: bottle caps from the glass bottle beverages from the big day, R.J.'s boutonniere, the napkin on which we wrote our vows and the flags from our cake topper!

Remember our cake topper? (I LOVE IT!)
In the second shadow box, I put all of my bridal accessories: my garter, my feather/beaded fascinator, my necklace, my satin sash and the broach.  

Here's is my display all together!
My next project was a smaller, informal diary of my wedding experience. Because I have more than 1,000 pictures of just the wedding, I wanted something to document what happened pre-wedding so I wouldn't forget all the wonderful showers I had. Lastly, I wanted to keep an informal account of my inner-most thoughts and feelings of the actual day that might be a little too personal for a formal wedding scrapbook.

With a Target gift card I received from one of my students, I purchased a Smash Book. In the world of scrapbooking, these cut-and-dry Smash Books are often looked down upon by hardcore, full-time scrappers. However, it fit what I needed it for perfectly. I wasn't looking to construct fancy, two-page spreads complete with embellishments, catchy phrases and coordinating colors - that was what my formal wedding scrapbook was for. With my Smash Book, I just pasted in the pictures I wanted and wrote my thoughts on the page making it a quick, easy project.

I've completed all of the pre-wedding festivities I wanted to record. I'm waiting to complete my formal scrapbook before finishing my Smash Book with my thoughts and feelings about the BIG DAY. I want the formal scrapbook to have the first pick at the best pictures.

Below are some of my favorite pages I wanted to share with you:

The proposal 

Engagement Party
Bridesmaids' Luncheon
I'm about half way through my formal scrapbook so HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get up a post on it in the coming month. My poor wedding quilt is still laying in the closet waiting to be assembled, but I'm not starting on it until the scrapbook is done. One project at a time!

Hope you enjoyed!
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