January 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, what a week, right? Full of ups and downs, but it ended VERY well. Thank you so much for working so hard and kicking our small house catastrophe in the buns. Dear house mortgage law, you suck. There I said it! You can't get a loan on a commission-based salary until you've worked at that job for two years? Seriously, do you think I want to live in this tiny apartment two more years?! We've got everything else you demanded. But, we've found a way to deal with you with some help from R.J.'s company - hourly salary here we come. So, you can just suck my big toe because the Winsletts will be purchasing a home in 2013. Dear house hunt, it's on again after a short bump in the road. We've already got an idea of what we want so you better deliver! Dear Bentley, I'm determined to find you a house with a little backyard for you. It really sucked walking you in 30 degree weather the past few mornings. Dear twos, thank you for not getting Mrs. Miranda sick this week. Even though I had to wash blue paint out of some of y'all's hair, finger painting was a blast! Dear Atlanta Falcons, please don't give me a heart attack on Sunday. Let's go to the Super Bowl! Woot woot!

That is all.
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