September 20, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, I'm so excited for your first baseball game of the season tomorrow. Too bad they gave you an ugly coaching shirt this year. Oh well! You'll still look cute in it. Dear work/PaperLark/blog, holy moly! You kicked my behind this week. I put in some long hours this week for sure, but I'm certainly not going to complain. Dear Project Life, I have sorely neglected this month and I am sorry. I have been doing so good at keeping up with you all year, but somehow I've fallen behind this month. My goal this weekend is to catch up! Dear Joann's, I am so happy you decided to come to Newnan. I purchased some fabric for some burp clothes this week. Can I just say that I love your 50 percent off coupons? Dear Hobby Lobby, no worries. I still love you the most, but they do have your fabric section beat. Dear sibling, happy 21st birthday! Man, I'm getting old.

Until next week!

In case, you missed it...

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