September 6, 2013

Friday's Letters

Sunset. Atlanta. Wednesday night.

Dear husband, our one year anniversary is Sunday. WOAH! Are you as ready for our beach trip as I am? Margaritaville here I come! Dear Bentley and Bella, I'm sorry we had to play beauty shop tonight, but ya'll were getting a little stinky! Bella, I'm sorry you got your last puppy shot today, but at least you are done now. Dear Emory Hospital, your cafeteria is pretty yucky. Maybe that is why it is so cheap! Dear God, thank you for my family and my friend who I consider family. These last few weeks have been very difficult, but I have never felt alone. For that, I am beyond grateful. Dear wedding, I am having event planning withdrawals. Anyone in the market for a wedding planner? Sigh...Dear anniversary photo shoot, I'm really excited for you! I've got some really cute ideas that should make some blog-worthy pictures - not to mention great Christmas gifts for the parents. Dear readers, please keep both RJ and I's families in your thoughts and prayers. Like I said, it has been a rough few weeks for various reasons and any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

See ya later!

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