December 2, 2012

The 12 Dates of Christmas: Christmas Ornaments

Welcome to our next date of the 12 Dates of Christmas! (If you missed the last one, don't worry! You can read it here.)

One evening after work, we both decided to unwind and spend time together on a 12 Dates of Christmas date. Our date of choice? Making Christmas ornaments!

I saw the idea for the first ornament on Pinterest and found a recipe to use with ingredients I already had. (You can find the recipe here.) When I saw the paw print impression ornament someone had done with their pooch, I really wanted to do one with Bentley! Surprisingly, he was really cooperative. 

I had some dough left over, so we got creative and made an ornament out of the impression of our wedding rings.  

We stuck them in the oven for about 20 minutes. While we waited, we made our last ornament together.

Our last ornament started a new tradition for our little family. I bought a simple, glass ball ornament and using a Sharpie, together we wrote our favorite memories from the past year onto the ball. 

Under each memory, I wrote the date so we can remember it for the future. Some of our favorite memories that made it onto the ball this year were: getting engaged, getting married, graduating college and Disney World! It was really wonderful to sit down together and talk about happy memories. This year has presented its fair share of challenges so it was nice to reflect on the positive and reminisce. Not to mention, it provided us with a good dose of laughter when remembering some things. We had so much fun doing it we'd like to make it a tradition to do every year. 

Curious to know how the other two ornaments turned out? Well, take a look!

Bentley's paw print ornament

Our ring ornament. Below the rings, it reads: 09.08.12
Bentley enjoyed making his ornament, but I think that's because he thought it was a treat. I had to move it up higher and put it on the opposite side of the tree because he kept begging for it. I think I even saw him licking his lips once while staring at it like he is below.

Until next time!

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