December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear hubs, I had so much fun on our date tonight. Thank you for putting up with my crazy Christmas antics!  And you just made my day by confessing that you weren't paying attention because you were reading Roseanne's tweets on Twitter. Dear tomorrow, I am looking forward to getting our early Christmas present! You know you are an adult when you are this excited about getting your very first washer and dryer. Dear work, I may be having a little too much fun making Christmas crafts with two year olds. Dear sinuses, you are kicking my butt. That's not nice. Dear 2013, R.J. and I both hope that you hold a new house somewhere in your 365 days. We're ready to get settled, have more space and get Bentley an actual backyard. We're getting tired of walking him CONSTANTLY. Dear Bentley, you have a very good fur daddy. He didn't throw you out the window when you tinkled on his side of the bed the other day. Although, he has become more vocal about you getting neutered...

Until next time!

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