December 30, 2012

12 Dates of Christmas: RECAP!

Greetings readers!

Hiatus is officially over. Woot woot! So, jumping right in...

The 12 Dates of Christmas were so much fun and rewarding for us. Besides the fun you have already seen, we went Christmas light seeing, baked cookies, had a mini-Christmas party, decorated rice krispy houses and went to see a Christmas play at the local theater. 

The holidays are busy - plain and simple. With our "dates," we were able to slow down and enjoy our first married Christmas together.

As for Christmas itself, we had such a wonderful one. We feasted on wonderful food:

Spent it with our HUGE and beautiful family:

And Bentley (somehow) managed to be good enough this year to earn a visit from Santa:


I've got a small side story to wrap it all up for you. Among the toys Bentley received from Santa, he got a Grinch toy. The Grinch slips over an empty plastic bottle and makes glorious crinkling noises when played with. Of all toys, I think Bentley's favorite was the Grinch because it gets the most playtime. 

Yesterday morning, Bentley began crying in the bathroom. When I walked into the bathroom (after relentless wailing from my fur baby), I found this:

Poor Grinch had mysteriously found himself floating face down in the potty. Bentley - being a Yorkie - could not rescue Grinch from the potty because he was too little to reach him. As you can see from Bentley's face in this picture, it is a complete mystery how Grinch ended up in the potty or why Grinch would want to swim in the potty. Bad Grinch!

Until next time!

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