November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, I love you. Thank you for completing your "honey-do" list in its entirety today. That makes you pretty darn awesome. Dear Bentley, please stop sticking your nose in the tissue paper stuffed in the gift bags under the tree. I know you like the crinkling sound the tissue paper makes, but the presents need to stay pretty. Also, why are you eating a dead leaf this very moment? Eww! Dear job, you've left me in need of a manicure. When I went to the bank today, I realized my nails were still covered in red and green paint from the handprint wreaths we made this morning. Dear sleep, I miss you! Dear 6 a.m., you STILL suck. Dear December, when I wake up, you will be here! FINALLY! If you are here, that means the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family starts. That means channel 42 will be the ONLY channel on our television for the next month. Woohoo! Dear Amanda, you make some darn cute babies! Isn't my youngest niece ADORABLE?!   

Until next week,
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