November 5, 2012

Keep track of your freezer inventory

On Saturday, R.J. and I made the trek to his mother and stepfather's house to spend the day. My mother-in-law, Robyn, was overjoyed to learn we had recently been given a chest freezer which we were trying to fill. This time of the year, she is usually trying to thin out her freezer and find a home for the greens and zucchini that comes from Granny's garden. She loaded us up with all kinds of vegetables and meats.

When we got home, we threw the goodies in the freezer to keep them frozen, so I had no idea what all we had gotten. I made this Freezer Inventory worksheet for myself to keep track of what was in the freezer and thought I'd share it with you today! (You can get your own free printable worksheet at the bottom of this post!)

I pulled everything out this morning and recorded it onto my worksheet. Once I finished getting it all accounted for, I borrowed some magnets from the fridge and hung it on the freezer so I can see and access the worksheet easily. My plan is to mark off items as I use them or add a counting line as I add to my stash. 

This worksheet will make it so much easier to plan my menu and grocery list for the week too. Now, I know what's in my freezer without having to dig through it every week. Once this sheet has been marked all over to the point of uselessness, I can simply print out a new one. 

You ready for your free Freezer Inventory worksheet now? Alright! Alright! Here you go! 


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