November 13, 2012

How to Make: Salad in a Jar

As you may have been able to tell from my sporadic posts, my new job has been keeping me plenty busy. I'm working full time hours until Thanksgiving which has been an adjustment for our little family. It has meant eating a lot of crock pot dinners. It has meant R.J. having to learn how to clean to my standards - which he swears are impossible to meet. (He's just a baby) It has also meant that I have to fix two lunches for the next day instead of one for only R.J.

I'd like to share with you something that has been working out very well for us in fixing those lunches every day: Salads in a Jar!

Each week, I buy whatever pre-cut salad packs the grocery store happens to have on sale. I pull out my stash of quart-sized mason jars and fill the bottom with a squirt of salad dressing.

Next, I add a layer of vegetables on top of the salad dressing. (Note: This step is extremely important! By putting a layer of vegetables between the salad dressing and the lettuce, the lettuce will stay fresh and crisp!) To save time (which is in short supply at the moment), I buy the bags of vegetable which are already pre-cut.   

After arranging your layer of vegetables, stuff the rest of the jar with your pre-cut lettuce. Screw the lid on your mason jar and ta da! You've got salad in a jar.

Total time for me to make 10 salads in a jar from start to finish? 15 minutes. (Those pre-cut vegetables make a huge dent in this prep time for me!) Every day, I simply grabbed the jar out of the fridge and throw it into the lunchbox. Easy peasy!

And now, if you are curious as to which Christmas card won...CARD #1 will be circulating this year. Perhaps, one will land in your mailbox this holiday season. If you feel in love with one of the designs (which I hope you did!), all three will be listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow for purchase.

See ya later!

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