November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Top Three

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I thought I'd share three blogging/business posts that are currently rocking my world. Chances are that if a pin related to blogging or improving your handmade business rolls across my Pinterest feed, I'm going to click it. Sometimes, they are filled with the same run-of-the-mill dos and don'ts, but every now and them I run across a gem. These three below are gems!


1 /// Streamline Your Process - Breanna Rose has become one of my favorite blogs as of late. She nails me on the head with her second tip about working your best hours. As I go into this week, I'm going to make a conscious effort to utilize my best hours and not force myself into that eight hour straight mindset. 

2 /// Freelance Finances - A quick, yet insightful post about how Jay Adores handles her finances working for herself. She's a former accountant so she has to know a little something about money, right? She suggests paying yourself twice a month just like a regular bi-weekly paycheck. After reading this, I've been re-evaluating how I'll be paying myself and my business in the future.

3 /// Free Printable Blog Post Organizer - Ya'll know I love a good organizing printable. This sophisticated blog post organizer from Art & Style has my heart fluttering. Not only is it designing beautifully, it's practical and functional.  

If you'd like to see more awesome posts on bloggings and business, be sure to check out my boards, The Etsy Shop and The Blogging World, on Pinterest.

Now it's your turn! Which blogs and/or posts about blogging and business have been helpful for you?

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