February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, you are so excited about coaching your 10 and under baseball team. It's nice to see you so excited about something again. I know you will be great at it and I can't wait to watch you and the Rangers get some wins under the belt this season. Dear Bentley, you have been such a snuggle bug this week and I'm loving it! It is a relief to know that some day maybe - just maybe - you'll settle down and not be such a spazz. Dear future house, every day we get a step closer to you. While I don't know which house you will be exactly, I know you are out there and I'm ready for you! Dear week, you went by really quickly. I hope the weekend will not go by as fast as you did. Dear PaperLark, I'm hoping to add some new listings to you next week. You never fail to always give me enough to do. Dear August, I really hope the teaching opportunity you are offering me will come through. It will feel so good to be divulging into the worlds of political science and journalism again. Don't tell anyone - but I secretly miss school.

Until next time!

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