February 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, I absolutely love how much your family means to you. That's one of many reasons I fell in love with you. Though we have been on an emotional roller coaster this week, you never missed a step when someone you loved needed you. You are so right - family is determined by love not blood. Dear house hunt, have we really found the one?! Just maybe! I'll be crossing my fingers and wearing my lucky underwear until you are mine. Dear Kim, happy 50th birthday! We hope it was everything you wanted and more. You are special to me and you are so loved by those who know you. Dear sleep, we've got a date tonight. Pick me up earlier than you did last night, alright? Thanks! Dear Bentley, I'm very glad you are such a friendly little puppy, but we do need to work on distinguishing good from bad. Just because your Uncle Pete is a pit bull who thinks he is a teddy bear does not mean the stray pit bull that was creepin' in our apartment complex this week was nice. Despite what you thought, he did not want to play with you. In fact, I think he wanted to eat you.  Dear Project Life, I sure wish my pictures would hurry up and come so I can start working on you!

Until next week!

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