October 9, 2013

My Office and Hurricane Miranda

I promise I had my blog posts brainstormed and on paper for this week. However, you know those weeks that just catch you off guard and don't go according to plan? Yeah, I'm definitely having one of those!

On Monday, I set my mind to "cleaning" and "organizing" my office. Unfortunately, Hurricane Miranda has blow through in the process and it looks neither clean nor organized...

However, all is not lost! I've made some headway. I've purged hundreds of extra newspapers I've collected through my newspaper days as well as set aside those I want to archive. I've got the closet halfway a third of the way complete and my desk somewhat organized!

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a free/cheap bookcase for my office too. I need somewhere besides this plastic tote in the floor of the closet to display all my scrapbooks I worked so hard on.

Back before we bought our home, I was already daydreaming about my office/studio. I'm still sticking with the poppy, pale pink, white and gold color scheme. Of course, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my office/studio.


Since I don't have the planned post, here is some office/craft room inspiration that you'll hopefully find just as awesome as I did! (Click on the picture for the link)

Picture Courtesy of Heart Handmade

Picture Courtesy of IHeart Organizing

Picture Courtesy of The Pleated Poppy

home office makeover
Picture Courtesy of Two Twenty One

See you tomorrow for DIY Weekend!
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