October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

Another favorite from our anniversary pictures!
Dear husband, you finally let me buy two pumpkins now that it is officially October. Aren't you glad that I'm not hard to please? I've never been more excited about a pumpkin since I have my very own porch to put it on this year. Dear Bath and Body Works, I'm in love with your Autumn scent wallflower. Even though, it doesn't feel like fall outside at least my house smells like it. Yummy. Dear nephew, I finished the design of your baby shower invitations this week. Can I just say that they turned out soooooo adorable?! I'm in love with them. Time to print and send them off! Your baby shower will be here before we know it. Dear Charter, I'm about to call and complain. I paid for Internet so why does it keep shutting itself off? It makes working and blogging really difficult. Get it together! Dear Bentley and Bella, Santa Claus needs to bring you two some new toys this year. Between the two of you, almost all of your toys are either destroyed or have holes all in them. At least, you guys don't reek havoc on my shoes. Dear readers, there are only three days left until the Audrey Floyd Photography giveaway is over! If you are in the Newnan/Peachtree City/Fayetteville/LaGrange/Atlanta area, ENTER! It's a free photo shoot! I'm thinking pictures for your holiday greeting cards...hint hint!

Until next week!
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In case you missed it this week...

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