October 8, 2013

Displaying Your Wedding Bouquet

As many of you know, the husband and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary. For one year, my wedding bouquet has been hanging upside down from the ceiling of my mother's dining room. Ha! 

I kept my bouquet because I already knew I wanted to use it again for our anniversary pictures. (Read about it here!) 

As I mentioned in my wedding series, my grandmother assembled my bouquet as well as all of the flower arrangements for my wedding. (Read about that here!) That said, my bouquet was very special to me and something I really wanted to keep. 

However, after a year, it was obviously falling apart every time it was touched. Naturally, I scoured Pinterest for an idea, only to turn up nothing. Time to get creative!

I used a shadow box and a some scissors to disassemble the bouquet. As I cut the flowers one by one, I laid them face down on the shadow box glass, arranging until I was satisfied. After getting all the flowers perfect, I placed the ribbon from my original bouquet on top of the flowers letting it play peek-a-boo in the background.

My wedding bouquet is now displayed in our master bedroom. I'm pretty sure Granny would approve too!

What did you do with your wedding bouquet?


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