October 15, 2013

Easy DIY Burp Clothes: A Five Minute Tutorial

Pinterest is full of burp cloth tutorials. I know, because I've pinned at least half of the millions that are out there. After reading almost all of them, I've taken the differing techniques and merged them into one, very easy five minute tutorial. Of course, the five minute promise is using a sewing machine and not hand sewing. If you hand sew instead, please don't accuse me of false advertising. Ha! 

What You Need:
Patterned Fabric
Terry Cloth 
Tape Measure
Straight Pins
Thread and Sewing Machine

Step One. Cut terry cloth and patterned fabric to desired size. I cut mine to 13x19. 
Step Two. Pin right sides together and sew leaving an 3-4 inch opening on one side.

Step Three. Trim excess around the edges and turn inside out. 
Step Four. Fold the edges of your opening in and sew closed. 

The end. Five minutes. Burp cloth.

Seriously, it's that easy! In the million tutorials, the fabrics used for the backing ranged from terry cloth like I used to chenille. Honestly, as long as the fabric is absorbent, you can use whatever. Also, in terms of the size, I also learned it doesn't really matter. I saw tutorials for 10x13, 10x18, 9x14 and more. Just stick to a rectangle of some size and you'll be set. 

The great thing about burp clothes as a gift is you can personalize them however you so chose - patterned fabric choice, embroidery, adding a label or even sewing scrap fabric hearts on top. 

You can't beat a 5 minute, homemade gift!

What do you add to your burp clothes to make them special?


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