August 16, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, you finally have a weekend off! I am beyond excited and I know you are too. Also, I'm so incredibly proud of you for getting into your degree program at Dakota State University! WOO HOO! It's going to be a long road, but I have no doubt you'll be successful. If I have to be your school secretary in addition to already being your personal secretary, just let me know! Dear Ikea, I'm coming for a visit tomorrow and I've got some money to finally buy my office desk. I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight from the excitement. My makeshift-card-table desk just hasn't been cutting it! Dear beach, I am 23 days away from you. Please. hurry. up. Dear PaperLark, you've kept me busy this week and I loved every second of it. I will take this week as a sign that we are coming out of our summer slump. Dear Bentley and Bella, you two make the best snuggle buddies ever...when you aren't fighting with each other underneath the covers. Bella, I'm pretty sure you are the one who nibbles my toes while you're under there even though you swear it's your brother. Dear blog, you hit a major milestone - going viral on Pinterest. Thanks to our Buy a House in Your 20s series, I've officially crossed over the 100,000+ views mark in a week in an half. WOAH!

See ya next week!

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