April 1, 2013

Contracts and Closings

Long time no see!

I'm so sorry about that. As some of you already know, last week was quite the week in the Winslett household. However, my absence is about to be explained (and hopefully forgiven)!


And not just any house. The perfect house. Long story short - it was a bank-owned home that we (along with SEVEN other potential buyers) put an offer on. Thursday evening, our realtor calls us to say it was between us and one other offer. We had to put in our biggest and best and hope it was enough. After a completely sleepless night, we received the call the following evening that our offer had been accepted. BAM! We signed the under-contract-papers on Saturday and shared the great news with our families on Easter. Today, I share the news with you!

Without further adieu, I'd like you for the first time to lay your eyes on our almost-home.

Being a foreclosure, it has been sitting empty for a while which explains why the gutters need to be cleaned out, the dirty roof and the shutter that's fallen off. However, with a little elbow grease, it'll shine up like a new penny!

As for the closing date, that is still to be determined, but we anticipate it will be at the very end of this month or the beginning of May. 

That said, we will be doing the inspection and appraisal in the next week. R.J. and I ask that you would pray for a good inspection and appraisal as well as a smooth closing process. We are beyond excited and cannot wait to share our new home with you!

Time for me to get packing!
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