January 7, 2015

Baby Winslett Pregnancy Update: Week 11

On New Year's Eve, we officially announced the pending arrival of our newest coworker. I've already started a pregnancy/baby scrapbook to record this special and exciting journey and thought I'd share part of it with you. 

Baby Stats: 11 weeks and 4 days. Strong heart beat of 175 bpm at last ultrasound. About the size of a lime. 

Eating: Cheez-Its and pickles. These seem to be my cravings this week. In other words, anything salty! 

Drinking: Water and V8 Vegetable Juice. I'm always thirsty these days. 

Avoiding: Caffeine. I've had the worst heartburn ever and quickly learned these only made it worse. Last weekend, we bought a huge bottle of TUMS from BJ's and they've been my best friend ever since. Eggs. Something about eggs absolutely repulses me right now which is funny because I love eggs. My mother made an breakfast egg casserole on Christmas morning and I almost died from the smell. I had to sit outside on the back porch for a bit while it cooked.  

Wearing: Yoga pants, loose-fitting shirts and some maternity jeans. I'm savoring the dwindling days where I still fit into some of my shirts. Seriously though, why don't they make all pants like maternity jeans? They're so comfortable!

Feeling: Chunky. I'm in that awkward stage where I don't look pregnant - just like I've had one too many cheeseburgers. Ha! It's only bloating and not cute in the least. Other than that, I've been feeling better energy and feeling yucky-wise. I still have bad days, but more good days than bad. 

Buying: Maternity/nursing bras and maternity tank tops for this spring and summer. I bought a Snoogle pregnancy pillow last week that should be arriving today and it's a little ridiculous how excited I am about it. 

Sleeping: Why am I so excited about this pillow? Because my sleeping has been unpredictable, frustrating and sometimes downright awful the last two weeks. The first problem is that pesky heartburn. Of course, when I lay down it gets worse. The pillow is suppose to help ease this since it'll put me in a more upright position. The second problem is I literally can't fall asleep. It isn't because I'm uncomfortable or my mind is turning. I simply cannot fall asleep. Once I am asleep, I'm good to go until I have to go to the bathroom. After I get up for that, I can't fall asleep again. It's a vicious cycle. From what I've read, it's my hormones and should subside by the 2nd trimester. 

Loving: Tossing baby names around with the husband. We've narrowed it down to a few that we love, but our lips are sealed for now. I'm also loving deciding what colors and theme we want for the nursery. My mom will be making the baby's bedding so it's been fun looking at different fabrics and patterns with her. 

Getting Use To: Having the pee all the time and growing HUGE boobs. From what I hear, the peeing thing only gets worse. Oh joy. Not looking forward to that. It's just annoying especially when I'm trying to work and focus. But, I'm not going to lie. The boobs have been pretty awesome thus far. I'm digging them even more now that they're not as sore. I've never really had big ta-tas so I'm enjoying the upgrade. There's got to be some perks, right? Hehe. 

About Daddy: It's no surprise that R.J. is thrilled. I've loved seeing him studiously reading his daddy-to-be book and how his eyes lit up during the first ultrasound. It was even his idea to spend his Friday off price comparing baby items together last week. I wish I'd taken a video of his mini-freak out session in the middle of BJ's surrounded by cases of wipes and diapers as the sticker-shock sank in. When he ordered his books for this upcoming semester, he couldn't resist buying a Dr. Seuss book to read to baby while still in utero. I think it's safe to say this munchkin already has daddy wrapped around his/her finger. 

Fellow Mommies: Any tips for easing up this heartburn?

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