October 21, 2014

Project Life: Preparing for A Week in the Life + FREE Printable

After successfully tackling a December Daily album last year, I've decided to try to join in with Ali Edwards and tackle a "Week in the Life" project.  {To learn more about the "Week in the Life" project, click here.} This documentary project seeks to capture a true snapshot about the details of your day-to-day life.

Clearly, I don't document every single day in my Project Life albums. While the albums tend to record exciting events like going to my first Falcons game or my sister winning the homecoming crown, "Week in the Life" will help give my album a true sense of what our daily life looks like at the moment.

As I learned by tackling my December Daily album last year, planning ahead is the key to success. I plan on sticking these pages in my regular, yearly album. While Ali's project calls for a separate album, I don't think it's necessary. After all, I'm doing this to add more depth to my current album. I plan on distinguishing these pages from the rest by using a different core kit and making a title page in my yearly album.

I've also created some free printables to accompany my "Week in the Life" project. I created these to specifically capture some key pieces of our daily life that I'd like to remember. The printable includes:

- HIS Interview 3x4 Card
- HER Interview 3x4 Card
- On the Menu 3x4 Card
- Home Stats 3x4 Card
- Recipe 4x6 Card

The printable is a PDF. In order to ensure your cards will print to the correct size, select Preview>Size to Fit>Fill Entire Paper. 

Like Ali's project this year, I will be documenting my "Week in the Life" from Monday, October 27th to Sunday, November 2nd. Below, I've laid out my day-by-day plan. You'll also find a collection of resources to help complete the project at the bottom.

  • Day One - October 27th (Focus on Daily Routine)
    • One - Two Pictures
    • Record my day hour-to-hour
      • Will use the Daily Sheets in Resources
  • Day Two - October 28th (Personalities/Likes/Dislikes)
    • One picture per person in our household
      • Accompany picture with Interview Insert from Printable
  • Day Three - October 29th (Food and Weather)
    • One - Two Pictures
    • Our menu for the week using Printable
    • Our local weather for the week
    • Insert favorite recipes using Printable
  • Day Four - October 30th (At Home)
    • Two - Three Pictures
    • House Stat Card using Printable
  • Day Five - October 31st (Halloween)
    • Two - Three Pictures
    • Snapshots of Halloween Decor
    • Picture of how we spent the holiday
  • Day Six - November 1st (Pets)
    • One picture of each pet
      • Accompany with pet bio for each
  • Day Seven - November 2nd (Out and About) 
    • Stores we frequent
    • What we buy
      • Insert grocery receipt from the week
    • How we get there
Week in the Life Planning Daily Sheets - Free printable to help record your day-to-day activities
How to Save $$$ on Project Life - Tips on how to tackle this project on a tight budget
Week in the Life: What to Document - Infographic with ideas of what to document
Project Life: Keeping Your Sanity - Free planning pages + ideas of what to document

Happy crafting!

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