October 8, 2014

Holiday 2014 Collection: Hand Lettered Christmas Cards

Happy October!

September was a complete blur for me. I spent the majority of the month hibernating in my office creating, designing, printing and sewing way on my Holiday 2014 Collection. There was card stock, fabric, straight pins, print outs and twine flying everywhere.

Thankfully, the storm has settled and with October finally here, I can share my collection with you! I thought over the next week, I would personally introduce you to all of my new products, give some insight into the story behind them and how they were made.

That said, meet my trio of hand lettered Christmas cards:
For my Holiday 2014 Collection, I wanted to introduce something new that was completely different from anything else I'd done before. After mastering some newly learned Photoshop skills, I tried my hand (pun intended) at lettering some Christmas cards.

I listened to Christmas music while designing my holiday collection so naturally I pulled some lyrics from two of my favorite yule-tide songs: "My Favorite Things" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

Out of all the cards, I think this one is my personal favorite. It was the most time consuming of all three taking about three hours to complete all the while humming the song in my head. Even the photos in the listing in the shop, don't do it justice I think. 

In fact, I love it so much I will be offering it as an art print exclusively at upcoming craft shows. However, I will be hosting a flash sale for these on my social media closer to Christmas so those of you outside of Georgia can snag one of your own. 

That said, be sure you stalk me on everything below so you don't miss a thing!


Judge me all you want for this one, but I absolutely love Glee's version of this Christmas song! It's one of those that gets stuck in my head. When something gets stuck in your head, you might as well put it on paper, right?

The simplicity of this card is what I like the most about it. I would stick a family picture in it with a piece of pretty washi tape and mail these suckers out as Christmas cards to everyone. 

This card has already been catching some eyes in the Etsy world too. Eleven minutes after it went up live in my shop, it was featured in an Etsy treasury. {Check that out here}

Oh, the funniest for last, right? The idea for this silly card actually came from my husband. He does his own version of what I lovingly refer to as "man twerking." He usually does it to make me laugh and it gets me every single time. 

Halfway through designing my 2014 line, I was stressin' out bad. He walked into my office, did a little man twerking to cheer me up and the saying for this card popped in my head. Who doesn't love a little pop culture humor mixed with a Christmas classic?!

Maybe one day, he'll let me post a video of his man twerk skills. It really is that awesome.

After the concept for the cards was decided, I took a pen and doodled until my heart was content. Papers with half-drawn designs were littered all over my office floor most of last month. After I was completely satisfied with my drawing, I scanned it into the computer, did a little Photoshop magic and printed them into the cards.

Any of these cards may be purchased as singles or in packs of five. {Check out my full card selection here} If you do want to send them out as Christmas cards to your whole family, I do offer large order/wholesale pricing. Just hit me up on Etsy and I'll give you a quote!

I am definitely planning on doing more hand lettered cards in the future. They're a labor of love, but they allow me to take my creativity outside of the computer.

Which is your favorite?


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