October 23, 2014

How I Got A Silhouette Cameo for $162 Less Than Retail

PaperLark Studio has its Christmas present already - a Silhouette Cameo! I've been eyeballing this cutting machine for my business since last Christmas. After I spent two solid days slicing and dicing 200 program fans by hand for a wedding order last June, there was no doubt I needed to add a cutter of some sort to my equipment to save my thumbs from carpal tunnel.

With a retail price tag of $299 for just the Cameo, I knew it would be a pretty sizable purchase in order to get everything I needed for it. When you own your own business, a penny saved really is a penny earned {like seriously!}. Unfortunately, my usual go-to money saving tactic of using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby or Michaels wouldn't work for this. These coupons don't apply to Silhouette cutting machines.

When I know that I'll be making dropping a good bit of money on a purchase, I price watch. By price watching, I'll know a good deal when I see one. Another good thing to do? Research the Black Friday price for the item. It has been my experience that this is usually when the company will offer the best, rock bottom price.

After I researched a little and price watched for a few months, I knew that the average low price for a Silhouette was $269 and usually came with a free bundle pack.

Now then, I'd like to introduce you to Google Shopping if you haven't yet formally met this time-saving tool. By searching for Silhouette Cameo, it will pull up every price from every place online that sells this sucker. In addition to saving you time from checking multiple sites, it'll also allow you to see where it is being sold at the lowest price.

I would check the price of the Silhouette on Google Shopping every couple of weeks. After a few months of routinely checking, Overstock.com had dropped its price to $229 with a pretty impressive bundle package.

Lastly, to knock a few extra dollars off my price, I checked Retail Me Not {which I love} for any applicable coupon code. There I found a code for 10% off + Free Shipping on any order over $50. With the coupon code, it brought my total to $209.99!

Here's a break down of what all I got and the numbers:

I can't hardly wait to bust out my Silhouette and get to cutting. I foresee invitations of all different shapes in PaperLark's future and maybe some gift tags! Knowing how much money I saved, makes me that much more excited about it.

Happy shopping!

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