August 20, 2014

DIY Koozie Tutorial

I seriously enjoyed Mug Swap 2014 so much! (Don't know what that is? Check it out here.) On Monday, I shared the recipe for my coffee sugar scrub. Today, I thought I'd share my tutorial for the koozie I made to compliment the coffee mug I sent off to my Mug Swap friend. 

She's really big into sewing and I hope she doesn't judge mine too harshly! Thankfully, these are pretty simple to make and I feel pretty confident she'll love it. 

What You'll Need  

- Fabric
- Interfacing
- Two buttons
- Pins
- Scissors
- Paper and Pencil
- Sewing Machine

Note: I used a mint-colored flannel because I thought it'd give a nice cozy feel for my koozie. You can make this with a fat quarter or some scrap fabric. It doesn't take much at all. Also, I recommend using thin elastic!

Step One. Make a template for your koozie. I used this technique from Make It & Love It to create my template. Before cutting, I suggest wrapping your template around your cup to make sure it fits just like you want it. Once you have your template, pin it to your fabric and cut two pieces. Use your template to cut a piece from the interfacing as well - trimming it so it's a tad bit smaller than the fabric pieces.

Step Two. Sandwich the interfacing between your fabric pieces.


And you will have this...

Note: Because I used flannel, I didn't have to worry about if anything was the right side. If you are using fabric with a pattern on one side, you'll need to piece your sandwich together so that when it is turned inside-out, the pattern side will be facing outward.

Step Three. Stitch one width and both lengths around, leaving one width side open. Cut two 2" pieces of your elastic and make loops with each. You only want to sew the elastic to one piece of flannel so be sure to roll the under side down. Secure the elastic loops by sewing generously over them.  

Step Four. Roll the open width end into itself to close and sew shut making sure your elastic is poking through. Then, hand-stitch the two buttons onto the width end without the elastic. 


Ta-da! You've got yourself a cozy coffee koozie! I told you it was easy. These would make a wonderful gift for any coffee or hot tea lover.

Happy creating!

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