July 10, 2014

Newspaper Inspired Birth Announcements

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She loved the feel of a print newspaper and the ink residue it left on her fingers as she flipped through the pages. In fact, she loved it so much that when she went to college, she picked it as her major and worked for the college newspaper - even serving a stint as its Editor-in-Chief. After four years of loads of newspaper fun, she graduated with a journalism degree in hand. 

While I certainly love what I do with PaperLark Studio, I catch myself daydreaming every now and then about those college days in the newsroom. Today, I used my daydreaming as inspiration and pieced together this special, custom birth announcement. 

Isn't my nephew adorable?! I think I may have found a future model for any invitations in need of a picture. Don't you think? {A huge thank you to my sister-in-law for being generous enough to share her handsome little man's picture with me.}

I snatched up today's newspaper before my mom got ahold of it {sorry mom!} and used it to create a lining for my envelop. I think it's a nice way to tie it all together and make a truly unique birth announcement. 

You could even style your photo for the announcement around the newspaper theme. My suggestion: Collect a stack of newspapers from the day your child was born. Place him/her on top of the stack with an adorable crochet newsboy cap and diaper cover like this one from The Yarn Fool and snap away! 

After you've captured the perfect picture, use that stack of newspapers to line your envelopes. Need a easy tutorial on how to line envelopes? See how simple it is here.

As always, you can purchase the digital file version or printed announcements in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by!


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