July 23, 2014

How To Line an Envelope

Looking for an easy way to make your mail prettier? Add a quick liner to your envelope to jazz up your stationary and give it a personal touch!

All you need is:
-Pretty paper (needs to be same weight as your envelope - aka don't use card stock!)
-Two envelopes
-Ruler (or straight edge)
-Glue stick

Step One. Unfold one of your envelopes. Use your ruler (or straight edge) and pencil to draw a line approximately 1/2 inch from the edges of the top flap (just inside the glue strip) and the sides. Draw a line about 1/16 inch above the bottom.

Step Two. Cut out your shape from the envelope and lay it on your pretty paper. Use the shape as a stencil to cut out your liner from the pretty paper. {If you have several envelopes to line and would like to speed up the process, stack your pretty paper and use a craft knife to cut out your shape. Using this technique, you can usually cut through five sheets of pretty paper at once.)

Step. Three. Slip your pretty paper liner into your other envelope and center it just right. Hold the liner in place at the middle of your envelope while you fold over the flap and crease.

Step Four. Keep your hand holding your liner in place and fold up the envelope flap. Apply glue to the liner paper flap and fold back down to adhere it to your envelope flap.

Ta-da! You've got a pretty envelope liner to really make your stationary goodies pop!

Happy crafting!

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