July 29, 2014

Branding Inspiration: Kitchens on the Square

While wandering around Savannah, the husband and I stumbled upon the neatest shop - Kitchens on the Square.

As a entrepreneur, I know how important branding is to your business. This shop has nailed it!

I'm sure I looked like a wide-eyed tourist snapping pictures of every display while trying not to drool over their darling products.

While I'm still on my own journey towards building my brand, Kitchens on the Square provided me with an excellent example of branding done right. The vintage kitchen appliances incorporated into their displays fit the retro kitchen theme perfectly!

Vintage stove used to display products
On top of the stove, they've used a retired skillet as a container to display packaged soaps. I love it!

Retro refrigerator used to showcase products 
They used a retro fridge to showcase all of their magnets as well as other items.

Kitchens on the Square is most known for its LOL Towels which are designed and pressed in the shop. Of course, the shop has found clever ways of the displaying those as well.

Old bed used to display colorful kitchen towels

Of course, I had to nab two of those tea towels for myself! With a cohesive, retro look and creative displays, Kitchens on the Square stole my heart. I'm keeping these pictures close at hand for when I need some branding inspiration.


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