June 25, 2014

My Apps Recommendations for Etsy Shop Owners

As a creative business owner, I cannot tell you how much I rely on my phone. Not only can I manage my Etsy shop on-the-go, I have instant access to coupons or I can update my shop's Facebook page at my finger tips.

My phone of choice is the iPhone 5s so I'm not sure if all of the apps listed below are available to Android users.

1. Sell on Etsy. Last April, Etsy finally released an app specifically geared for its sellers. Hallejuah! You could access your shop in a round-about way using the standard Etsy app, but Sell on Etsy let's you do even more. You can do everything on it from answering conversations to managing orders to even creating and listing items.

2. Facebook Pages. Social media continues to be a fantastic means of advertising and branding. Personally, I've had more success with Facebook (although Instagram has been a close second). With Facebook Pages, you can post directly to your shop Facebook page from your phone. I can also respond quickly to any comments on my posts.

3. Hobby Lobby. I know. I just stinks so bad that my job requires semi-weekly trips to my favorite craft store. Darn. Ha! Anyway, I love Hobby Lobby's app for two reasons. First, it's a quick way to see what they have marked down for the week. Second, you've got that golden 40% off any regular priced item coupon right in the palm of your hand!

4. Retail Me Not. I use this app for coupons from Michaels. Personally, I find the Michael's app frustrating and a little cumbersome to use. The coupons are super easy to find with Retail Me Not. In my opinion, this is a must-have app for any store. If you want to save space on your phone, you can find coupons to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's on this app - just not their weekly ads.

5. JoAnn's. Once again, thou shalt never pay full price for a regular priced item. Use that coupon!

6. Craft Gawker. Every once and a while, you need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Craft Gawker is perfect for browsing DIY eye candy.

7. Pinterest. Need even more inspiration? Feed your Pinterest addiction. No judgement here!

8. Blogger or WordPress. If you have a shop blog like I do here, having the platform app is a valuable tool. If I'm out of my office and away from a computer, it never fails that I get an idea for a blog post. I actually got the idea for this one yesterday while shopping at Hobby Lobby (surprise, surprise) for supplies for my next craft show. I whipped out my phone, created a new post and wrote the idea in the post to go back to in the future.

9. Instagram. It's the best for posting pictures of your latest and greatest products to get feedback. I also love it because it gives your followers a unique behind-the-scenes look into your shop and you can link it up directly to your shop Facebook Page account. Genius! Of course, it's also good for stalking some of your fellow Etsy shops that you love.

10. Rhonna Designs. For professional and pretty looking pictures that will stand out from the rest, I suggest this app. I love it. I've also noticed I get more interactions with pictures I've edited using this app.

Picture using Rhonna Designs app
What other apps do you utilize to run your Etsy shop?

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