November 19, 2013

Last Minute Fall Wreath: Burlap Monogram Wreath

I've been sorely slacking in creating a wreath for the front door since my Halloween wreath has been retired until next year. My poor green door has been bare since the first of November.

Truth be told, I wanted a wreath that was a) inexpensive and b) quick. Why? Well, in a mere 37 days it'll be Christmas. Can you believe that? And we all know, that as soon as I wake up on the day after Thanksgiving, I'll be crafting and hanging up my Christmas wreath.

Using some leftover burlap, a stencil, black paint and an embroidery hoop, I created my burlap monogram wreath to clothe our - as we say in the South - necked (pronounced neck-id) door.

Total cost? The 67 cents I paid for the embroidery hoop. How long did it take? From start to finish, about 10 minutes. Mission accomplished.

What You'll Need:
embroidery hoop
foam brush
hot glue gun

Step One. I know every stenciler and embroiderer in the world is about to scream in terror, but I put my burlap in my embroidery hoop first thing. Why? I wanted to make sure my "W" was in the center of my hoop. It didn't hurt my stenciling at all, but do what you wish!

Step Two. Stencil on your letter using the paint and your foam brush and cut away your excess fabric.

Step Three. Measure your ribbon/jute/twine to see what length your wreath needs to hang from the door and hot glue that sucker on the back.


Told you I was looking for quick, but I'm happy with how it turned out. It'll definitely do.

Time to hunt for Christmas wreath ideas!


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