November 11, 2013

Curator of 60 (FREE) Holiday Fonts

Being a creator of invitations, announcements and anything stationary, I like to consider myself a curator and lover of fonts - especially free fonts.

That said, I thought I'd share my arsenal of free holiday font collections. I have a handful of blogger that I follow who are always pairing fonts wonderfully so be sure to check them out: Lia Griffith, Ella Claire and Yellow Bliss Road.

Free Christmas Script Fonts

Free Display Fonts For Holidays

1. Lavanderia {here}
2. Santa's Sleigh {here}
3. Contribute {here}
4. Christmas Tree {here}
5. St Nicholas {here}
6. Freebooter Script {here}
7. Christmas Cheer {here}
8. Hultog Snowdrift {here}
9. Chalk Hand Lettering {here}
10. Always Here {here}
11. Xmas tfb Christmas {here}
12. Holly & Berrie {here}
13. FoglihtenNo01 {here}
14. Janda Cheerful Script {here}
15. Xiomara {here}
16. Happy New One {here}

12 Font Combos for Holidays Cards and Invitations - Take the guesswork out of choosing fonts with another fabulous font combos round up from Yellow Bliss Road!

If you liked my collections of holiday fonts, be sure to follow me via the social media below so you don't miss any more!

Happy creating!

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