March 3, 2013

Project Life, Seafoam and Monthly Dividers


I'm happy to announce that over the weekend I was able to get caught up on my Project Life album. A couple weeks ago, I decided to try the Project Life scrapbooking method this year. You can read about that here in case you missed it.

At first, I wanted to attempt to do Project Life just using free printables I found on Pinterest and not invest in any of the actual Project Life kits. I found that to be a mistake. I had decided to do Project Life because its goal was to streamline the scrapbooking process to make it manageable enough for me to keep up with. The end goal is to have this year actually documented, right? By having to print out the freebies and hand cutting them to fit in my photo pockets, I was already getting overwhelmed and behind. It takes a lot of time to cut those suckers out!

In the end, I gave in and shelled out $30 for a kit. Honestly, I do think $30 is a lot for the kit. I thought that when I bought and I still think it now after using it. You do pay for the fact it's pre-cut. However, I will say the quality of the product itself is very good. It's just hard for my psyche to accept paying that much for paper when I know I can go to Hobby Lobby and get four 12x12 sheets for a dollar.

Anyway, I ended up choosing the Seafoam Edition.

I also splurged a little and got a pack of coordinating month dividers for $7.99. On the flip side, I do think these are worth the money. I love organization so to have these in my scrapbook makes me giddy. It also makes it easy to find the section I'm currently working on. Like the Seafoam Edition Core Kit, the month dividers are good quality. 

Here's mine!
Project Life Seafoam Edition Core Kit, Seafoam Monthly Dividers and my 2013 album
Here is what is inside in case you were curious like I would be:
500 3x4 Journaling Cards
40 Bi-fold Journaling Cards
8 First Page Cards
8 Last Page Cards
60 4x6 Title Cards

I've already shown you my title page so I'll give you a peek into my inside pages that I have so far. Enjoy!

Until next time!

P.S. I am purging a lot of my craft supplies before we move again. I will be posting a comprehensive list soon of all my available goodies so be sure to check back!

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