October 8, 2012

The Wedding: Trash the Dress

Welcome to the second to last installment of our wedding series! If you are just now joining us, be sure to get caught up by reading through our previous installments here. Ya'll ready now? Let's do this!

Our wedding took place two weeks before the county fair came into town. For R.J. and I, the county fair has special meaning. That special meaning was also a huge factor in our decision to get married at the fairgrounds and adopt the fair theme. 

Six years ago, R.J. and I had our first date at the county fair at the Coweta County Fairgrounds. Every year following, R.J. and I made sure to make a date night trip to the fair - even when we were away at college. Little did we know back in 2006, that that would be the place where we got married. It was only fitting we go back to the fair in our wedding attire and have a little fun with a photo shoot! 

I had originally planned to wear my wedding dress that I had worn down the aisle. However, after it came back from the dry cleaners, the zipper was broken. I plan on sewing part of my wedding dress into the memory quilt I talked about in a previous post. Since I won't use all of the material of the dress, I've been tossing around the idea of shortening it just above my knees. I could then wear it (hopefully) on our one year anniversary or such. Anyway, I ended up wearing my reception dress to take pictures in at the fair.

I really don't have much to explain, because I think these pictures speak for themselves so I'll just let you enjoy the rest of them. 

Thanks for stopping by! Our last installment of the wedding series should be out to wrap everything up on Wednesday. I'll see you then!

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