October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, we bought our first car today. Woah...so this is what being a grown up feels like. Dear Taste of Home Cooking School, you taught me some yummy recipes that'll make my waist line grow. I'm sure my tummy won't mind though! Dear Bentley, you've got new car windows to decorate with your nose art. Guess what else? This one has air conditioning so you won't be panting pitifully on our mini road trips anymore! Dear new job, you are an answered prayer at the perfect time. However, after my last go-around, I'm a little nervous about you. Dear apples in Blue Ridge, I'm coming for you today! You better watch out  because when you get back to my house you will be baked into that upside-down apple pie I learned to make at the Taste of Home show. Also dear husband, thank you for painstakingly picking the leftover acrylic off of my nails. You told me to woman up when I'd say ouch because beauty is pain! I appreciate the reminder. Even more than that, I appreciate your intense concentration face which I captured so well in that picture above.

Dear lovely readers, here is your weekly dose of cuteness courtesy of Bentley to start your weekend off right.


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