October 22, 2012

Organization October: Linen Closet

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Are you ready for the second installment of Organization October? [If you missed the first one, you can check it out here.]

Over the weekend, I tackled our linen closet - problem area #2. It had become an accumulation and random assortment of embroidered hand towels, crumpled comforters and mismatched sheets. Nothing had a place and lived where it landed - or at least where it got stuffed. I cringed every time I opened the closet door. It was a no-brainer to put it on the list of problem areas for my Organization October series.

For this organization project, all I invested was time and some labels. I found some really cool labels at Walmart and I was able to find them online here if you'd like some for yourself. I really liked these labels because you can reuse them again and again. The labels slide out of the plastic holders so you can re-label anything. Here's an up-close of them: 

Now to the good stuff! I started first and foremost by pulling out ALL of the towels and folding them neatly. After I folded them, I arranged them into piles: finger-tip towels, wash clothes, hand towels, bath sheets and bath towels. I dedicated two of the four shelves in my linen closet to the towels. 

I decided to use the middle two shelves because the were the easiest to get to first. Whenever you organize, you should always keep functionality in mind. Placing my bath towels on the very top shelf wouldn't have been practical. I reach into the linen closet for a towel more than I do for bed sheets. Thus, our extra comforters and quilts found a home on the bottom shelf and the sheets on the top. 

Below the comforters and quilts (and behind that baby gate), I put R.J.'s tool box and our drill. I needed those some where easily accessible, but out of sight. Our toilet paper stash also lives on the linen closet floor ready to go!

Lastly, when it came to organizing the sheets, I'd like to share with you a helpful tip I ran across on Pinterest from the one-and-only Martha Stewart. 

Put your sheets in their matching pillowcases. Not only does it keep your sheet sets together, but it helps you easily stack them up together for a nice, neat look in your closet! As you can see, I've got my full size sheets on one side and the twins on the other!

There you have it! I've got one organized, labeled linen closet. 

Hope to see you back on Wednesday. I've got something new to hit the blogosphere with: Pinterest Test. Have you ever seen a craft, recipe, etc. on Pinterest that you wanted to try? I'll test out the Six-Layer Sourdough Club recipe for you all. Something tells me it'll be a good one!

See ya then!
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