September 20, 2012

The Wedding: Photo Booth Fun!

I'm still in the process of gathering everyone's pictures from the wedding and waiting on the professional pictures to come in. However, I have some pictures taken by the lovely Dina who graciously volunteered last minute to man our photo booth. (THANK YOU!) 

Some in the wedding world have said photo booths are an over-done and dying fad at weddings. I happen to disagree! When we started talking about our wedding, husband and I both really wanted our wedding to be fun. And what's more fun than making faces and acting goofy in front of a camera?

My father-in-law crafted together our fabulous photo booth out of PVC pipe - making a 4x4 cube frame. I found the red, striped fabric at Hobby Lobby and made two three-yard-long panels to hand up for the backdrop. For the two sides opposite of the backdrop, I used a white, king-sized sheet I found for $4 at Goodwill. I just cut it into two pieces to make side panels. I left the fourth side open so Dina could get in there easily and snap the photos. 

The in-laws grabbed the black stools from their house for me and I printed out some mustache, glasses and sayings props I made using InDesign, gluing them to some small dowel rods. Total cost? About $30 with the red fabric costing the most. 

Not only was the photo booth an excellent form of entertainment for our guests at a really low cost, but it left us with a wealth of hilarious pictures of our family and friends to treasure. 

I've picked out five of my favorites to share with you below!

Hope you like them!

Our adorable niece, Shaylee, who didn't much care for the photo booth. 

R.J.'s Nana and her sisters...Oh and her neighbor in the middle who was a "wedding crasher"!

My creepy crazy sister and her boyfriend, Jess...enough said. 

Our handsome groomsmen! L to R: Jeff, Dan, Auto and Gershom

My lovely grandparents who celebrated their 50th anniversary the week before we got married. 

To see more of our photo booth pictures, go to:!

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