September 17, 2012

The Wedding: Our Magical Fairytale Honeymoon

Greetings readers!

The knot is officially tied and we are slowly settling into our new home together. I thought I'd shoot up a quick post about our honeymoon and share a few of my favorite pictures from it.

As some of you know, almost husband planned our entire honeymoon. He managed to keep it a complete surprise. The secret honeymoon destination? WALT DISNEY WORLD! For us, it truly was the perfect honeymoon.

While the fact that the honeymoon was top secret drove me crazy, I'm really happy in the end it was a surprise. And, R.J. definitely stayed very tight lip about it too. At the bridal shower that his mother hosted for us, his grandmother pulled him outside on her back porch and tried to get it out of him. After almost 20 minutes had passed, she came in shaking her head and said, "He's mean." Even his granny couldn't get it out of him - and for R.J. that is saying something if his granny can't get it out of him.

The only two souls who knew our honeymoon destination were R.J. and his mother, Kim. Right now, I have to commend my mother-in-law on her valiant effort to compile the most adorable honeymoon scrapbook which told me where we were going. She has vowed to NEVER scrapbook again, but I absolutely loved my scrapbook and can't wait to stick pictures in it from our trip.

We stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach resort and had a Pirates of the Caribbean themed room. How fitting since it's one of my favorite movies! What can I say? He knows me well!
Our pirate themed room at Disney's Caribbean Beach resort.
We both really enjoyed the resort. It seemed like there was a pool or a little beach with two-person hammocks around every corner - which we only slowed down enough to enjoy once.

We spent a day and a half at the Magic Kingdom - it was my favorite. While roaming around the Hundred Acre Woods, we spotted Eeyore who I had to take a picture of for our Yorkie, Bentley.
At home, Bentley has an Eeyore stuff animal who is his best friend. He can't stand to go to bed without it most of the time and will cry until you put Eeyore in his crate with him. Here are the dynamic duo at home:

When you honeymoon at one of the Disney resorts, you come home to a surprise from Mickey and Minnie Mouse almost every night. One evening, Mickey and Minnie left us a signed card and balloons. Another night, they left us some Mickey Mouse shaped chocolate ears!

When we ventured to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in Hollywood Studios, R.J. was pulled out of the crowd to be an extra in the background. This was one of his favorite parts of our trip. That's him on the far left behind Indiana Jones!

One of my favorite moments from our trip was the Happily Ever After Dinner with Cinderella and the crew. 

Evil stepmother told me that when you have nice rings, you must show them off. So, we did!

Monday evening we dined at the California Grill which is located on the top floor of the Contemporary Resort beside the Magic Kingdom. This was my favorite place that we ate. We were able to watch the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom from the roof of the resort! It was so neat. 

Our last night at Disney World, we decided to see the fireworks from the ground at the castle and to see the Electrical Parade beforehand. 

Tinker Bell at the Electrical Parade
Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
My absolutely favorite pictures come from our visit with the one and only Mickey Mouse and - of course - the lovely Minnie Mouse. This was right before we went to the California Grill and watched the fireworks from above. It was definitely my favorite day there. :)

As you can see, we had a blast. I already miss it! We bought so many souvenirs that I'm STILL unpacking them. 

I'm truly thankful husband decided to surprise me with Disney World. It was everything I wanted and more! (Thank you!)

Here's one last picture for you!

Over and out,

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