September 25, 2012

Cashing in Those Gift Cards: Living Room Makeover

Since I am STILL waiting on wedding pictures, I'll share with you the makeover husband and I gave our living room yesterday evening.

When I had my one bedroom apartment in Marietta my senior year of college, my living room was a bachelorette pad of black and pink!
When I moved into our two bedroom apartment in downtown Newnan, I thought I'd be considerate to R.J. and ditch the pink for a more man-appropriate color scheme. My compromise? Red and black with a pop of yellow and grey!

While it looks like I bought everything except the black, slip-covered couch and chair, we only spent $110.89 on our man-friendly, living room makeover. Our most expensive purchase for this makeover was the curtains and rod ($36.97) and the coffee table from Ikea ($29.99). Most of the items in the room like the large picture of Paris and the end tables, I already had from my last apartment.  Previously,the picture was in my dining room. However, if you look back at the picture of my living room from the Marietta apartment, the makeshift "coffee table" in it is now my two end tables!
Husband assembling the Ikea coffee table (while watching TV)!

With the exception of the Ikea coffee table, everything else from our makeover came from Target which we purchased with gift cards from our wedding.

Here is the bill broken down for you:
Four decorative pillows for the couch: $28.95
Accent rug: $14.98
Two red curtains: $19.98
Curtain rod: $16.99
Ikea LACK coffee table: $29.99

On the hallway wall, I plan on putting some typography prints on the wall to blend in the yellow some more. Those might just end up in my Etsy shop too! Who knows.

Anyway, here are some more pictures for our viewing pleasure of our living room makeover!

Thanks for stopping by!
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