May 13, 2014

Updates + Free Printable

Give it all or nothing! That's the motto I'm going to be living by the rest of this year. After two years of hard work and a little luck, I will be working at PaperLark Studio full-time! If you've been following along on the blog, you know this has been my dream for quite some time and it's actually coming true. 

The downside is that I have to leave my precious students at school. After having them for a year and a half, my heart is really saddened by the thought. In fact, I was talking with my husband about having to leave them behind during date night and started crying in the Mexican restaurant over my fajitas. The last week I'm with them is going to be tough! I'm already dreading it. 

However, Mrs. Uh-randa has taught them just about all I can in the two-year-old class. It's time they move up to the "big kid" class and get ready for preschool, so I've got to get out of there before I get attached to another class!

Isn't my husband a hunk? He really stepped up the plate for Market Day a couple weekends ago. I was feeling terribly under the weather and he took over for me. Not to mention, he sold all of my Mother's Day cards and almost all of my graduation cards! Apparently, his sales pitch of "we are cheaper than Hallmark" worked. Which reminds me: I need to start working on some Father's Day cards for next Market Day!

Also, I have a new monthly newsletter now! If you haven't, you should definitely sign up. It has some different content than what you'll find here. And it will have some free printables and coupon codes that you won't find here as well!

Lastly, to give you little taste of what you'll find in my monthly newsletters, here is the free printable that was in this month's newsletter. 


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