July 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Bella helping mommy vacuum out the Scion!

Dear husband, it's finally here! A three-day weekend with you. I've been waiting all summer for this seeing as you've been missing in action for the majority of it. Time to reap some of the reward for all the hard work you've put in the past couple of months. Dear New Orleans, here come the Winsletts! We can't wait for the father-in-law to show us all the yummy food you have to offer. All diets are off. Dear PaperLark, we officially have our business license. It is either make it or break it now! Please keep my little growing business in your prayers in the next few weeks. It is an exciting, but equally scary venture for me as well as our little family as a whole. Two words - game on! Speaking of, we've got a new line coming out in August that I think will be a big hit with our Greek readers (hint hint). Dear Bentley and Bella, I hope you two have loads of fun at your grand-fur-parents house this weekend. I know you'll come back spoiled rotten and maybe a little fatter than when you arrived. Thanks for watching them! Dear readers, don't forget to enter into my birthday giveaway! It ends July 31st. Hurry and enter! Who doesn't like free stuff?!

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Until next time! Miranda

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